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How will your estate be administered?

There are three main types of "estate" administration depending on the estate plan a deceased person had in place.   The first type is called testate probate administration.  This simply means the deceased person had a last will and testament in place at the time of their death in which they designated who should administer their estate and who should inherit their assets.  Testate probate administration involves filing paperwork to open a formal estate with the probate court and filing specific required reports throughout the administration of the deceased person’s estate to report all activity (i.e. date of death values, expenses paid,...

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Welcome to Ally Legal Planning

After working at different law firms for more than a decade, we decided to start our own firm so we could provide the level of care and service to our clients that we believe they all deserve. We take the time to learn what matters most to our clients and really listen to their concerns so we can develop a plan to incorporate those values and address those concerns. We are passionate about educating our clients.  It’s important to us that each client understands all options that are available to them before implementing a plan so they can feel confident in their...

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