Estate Planning

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Estate Planning is the process of developing a comprehensive plan to ensure that your financial, legal, and medical affairs will be handled on your terms should you ever become incapacitated and upon your death. Depending on your unique circumstances, an estate plan may also include planning for the care of your minor children and strategies to mitigate taxes and provide asset protection for you and your family. A well thought out estate plan that addresses all of your concerns is one of the greatest gifts you can give your family. The comfort in knowing that things will be handled as smoothly and seamlessly as possible should the worst happen is invaluable.

A comprehensive estate plan can include the following:

Last Will and Testament

Revocable Trust

Designation of Guardian for you and/or your minor children

Financial Powers of Attorney

Advanced Medical Directive (which includes the Appointment of Health Care Agent and the “Living Will”)

Assistance with Beneficiary Designations

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